Art Docent Program

August –June annually


Join the more than 100 parents and community volunteers who introduce elementary and middle students to the masters of art and introduce the fundamentals of art through classroom lessons.

In each lesson, students not only learn about the artist, the medium and the style of the artwork, but also receive hands-on practice with the medium by completing an art piece. Pre-planned art lessons appropriate to each grade level are provided and provide background information, a simple lesson plan, and guidelines for the Art Docent.

Interested in becoming an Art Docent?  Please call us.

What is an Art Docent?
Any one can be an art docent! You don’t even have to know how to draw or have any background in art (of course it would be nice to be able to draw!) We are looking for parent volunteers who would be willing to come into your child’s class once a month and talk about the art portfolios.

What am I expected to do?
As an art docent, you will be able to present portfolios from different artist’s themes. You can follow the manual’s step-by-step guide or be creative in asking guiding questions that will help open the children’s eyes to the world of art.

Is there any training available?
ABSOLUTELY and it is FREE to all art docent volunteers. There are “Portfolio Training Classes” and “Hands-On Training Classes” for grade specific portfolios held in the Fall (dates to be announced). They are held in the District office in Rocklin. Classes fill up quickly so register early!

How much time commitment will this take?
The presentation AND hands-on art activity averages a total of 2 - 3 hours once a month . You can team up with a second parent volunteer in the class to help with any art activity you may want to incorporate in the presentation. Sometimes art projects may take more than the allocated time, you can always make special arrangements with your teacher for such projects.

Please call us.