Arts Gatherings


NEW FOR 2017!

Open to members and friends of the arts, these new art-centered monthly meet-ups will be held again. They feature social gatherings to discuss the arts and on occasion guest speakers with presentations on a variety of arts subjects including performing, visual, and literary arts. 


AGD Members & Guests Meet-ups 
every 4th Tuesday, 2pm - 4pm at various locations so mark your calendar and check here each month.

Next Meet-ups: 
When: Tuesdays,  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where: Mimi's Cafe, 5705 Lone Tree Way, Antioch

Calendar 2017 Dates:
                April 25
                May 23 
                June 27 
                July 25 
                Aug 22 
                Sept 26 
                Oct 24 
                Nov 28 

Our next meet will be at Mimi's Cafe on Lone Tree Way near Highway 4. It has been, and looks like it will continue to be, a very busy summer schedule
but I hope that you can come out and join us for some discussions and current ideas, plus drinks and snacks of your choice at Mimi's Cafe. Mark on your calendars and we will see you there!

Our meet-ups are just to discuss art-related topics  in more depth. Our list is growing on what we would like to see accomplished as artists who operate in such an isolated environment and the issues that come with being "An Artist".

Some of the items on that list were what are the many forms of inspiration, how to overcome blocks, what drives us to push on with what we do, how do we overcome the self-doubt that plagues some of us, how can we better support our fellow travelers with all of these issues, to name just a few. Also on the list is time for an opportunity to bring art projects for a casual "Show & Tell."

We, as a group, also felt strongly that we wanted to reach out to the community and share our experiences with others that might be taking their first tenuous steps in an artistic direction, and how best to do that. These are issues that the group felt could help all of us as we struggle on a daily basis to accomplish something worthwhile.

There is no formal agenda, but do bring your ideas as to the direction you would like this group to go at further meetings. This is a great chance to spend time with other artists and enjoy a few hours together.