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“It is upon this capacity of man to receive another man’s expression of feeling and experience those feelings himself, that the activity of art is based.” ~Leo Tolstoy

Art is a powerful vehicle for communication, a way to express individuality,emotions, and thoughts. It allows people to explore dimensions of imagination and inspiration, and connects us in a way that is uniquely human.

The Brentwood Art Society is dedicated to strengthening a vital, creative
community by providing exposure to, education in, and encouragement to enjoy a wide variety of experiences spanning the visual, literary, and performing arts. As an organization, we sponsor programs and events and work with other organizations devoted to the same mission of supporting the arts in the Brentwood and surrounding communities.

Contact us at (925) 516-5923.



Rosalinda Grejsen                                     Vacant                                            Betty Gaughan
        President                                      Vice President                                             Treasurer 

                                                           Lisa McLaughlin                        Dan Berns
                                                          Board Secretary          Immediate Past President  



Sherry Cummings , Board Member
Jack Gaughan, Board Member
Mary Lamb,
Board Member
Kati Short, Board Member