High School Senior Scholarships


Mary Black presents Scholarship

BAS Awards Scholarships

$3,500 was awarded in scholarships to graduating Seniors
who will be furthering their study in an arts field in the Fall.

Seven $500 scholarships were awarded this year for 2015 graduating Seniors who will further their study of an art field beyond high school. Two scholarships were awarded to Seniors from high schools of the Liberty Union High School District (Freedom, Heritage, Independence) and one scholarship was awarded to a Senior in the Liberty High School at their respective Senior Awards Night.

Congratulations to our 7 Winners!


Kassidy Penso was awarded one of the BAS scholarships for Liberty High School a few years back. Kassidy is just completing her Senior year of college, majoring in art, and recently had a showing in Las Vegas.

To the right are a few photos of Kassidy’s paintings. The large canvas is her most recent one which was commissioned for her first public piece. Included is a photo of her completing it and one standing with her aunt and uncle who are big supporters of the downtown Las Vegas art district and arranged the opportunity for her. Her parents were able to buy that piece from the organizers to help support future artists and will get to hang it in their house. The other two pieces are those she did in college. There are SO many. It was hard to choose.

As you can tell, her Mother, Kate, was gushing with pride. She is so grateful that the Brentwood Art Society supported her daughter from the beginning.



Past Award Winner,
Liberty Union H.S.

First Public Art piece commissioned
by Las Vegas Art District.

Kassidy completing the piece on site.

Kassidy with her Uncle and Aunt

Art piece purchased.

Sample college artwork by Kassidy.