Jeanette Ahern has been actively painting for over 50 years, creating art in the Realist Tradition. She specializes in landscapes, still life and portraits, utilizing oil, pastel and watercolor.

Jeanette states, “I want the viewer to visually enjoy the painting that I do. My goal is that they will appreciate the beauty of nature and ordinary things that I am able to capture on canvas.”

Jeanette has recently relocated to Antioch, California from Minnesota. She has taught art classes in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana. She currently teaches classes in Brentwood.

Her formal training in art began when she attended Penn State University. She also studied under professional artists, Dimitar Krustev Daniel Green, Foster Caddell and the late Robert Brackman.

Her artwork is showcased in private homes, businesses and corporations across the United States.

For further information about Jeanette’s artwork and instruction, please contact the artist at the following email: or phone her directly at (507) 421-0897.









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