Rosalinda’s ceramic journey began 17 years ago while living in Australia. She joined a local potter’s guild and that first pinch pot creation drew her into a world of limitless expression. Rosalinda focused on the aesthetics of functional pottery for a few years before returning to California where she soon became deeply inspired by the sculptural diversity of many Bay Area artists. 
Figurative expression in daily life, utilitarian vessels and natural voluminous forms are a constant inspiration in her work. 

Rosalinda’s voluminous forms are slab built, then altered and textured. Using minimal oxides or slips, they are then salt-fired. Utilitarian vessels lead her down the path of buttery porcelains and simple contours, sometimes encouraging slight texture and the use of clean rich glazes. 

Rosalinda’s figurative work is the most challenging of all. These pieces are an interpretation of personal memory and emotion for her. Clay is a perfect medium, giving back an immediate response to touch and keeping those qualities timeless. All these processes continue to provide an alternate outlet for her love of family, humanity, environment and nature.








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